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A collection of poetry, prose, free verse, and channeled expressions of text about ecstatic divine love, with the Venusian indulgence of love and beauty, sublime bliss and earthly sensuality, Venus Captivus explores the journey of love from external to internal, from sensual to divine, from erotic to saintly, from entrapment to liberation, and from determination to surrender.



In the exploration of spirit, being that of sensuality in the physical plane, we find that the life-force of love is pulled by the focus and drawing attention of beauty, just as a rose demands a subtle awe from the observer. Venus, or Aphrodite, is the embodiment of love and beauty, emotional and fluid sensual being, in emotive expression and an aesthetic pull into detail that allows for a deeper and richer experience of life. Eros emerges from his mother Aphrodite, blindly, and is unaware that he is the love that he is seeking. The desire for the sun’s rays on his skin are not necessarily for a longing of the sun itself, but for the warmth it brings him in reflection of his own being here on this earthly plane. Divine love descended, Eros brings this deeper level of being, a devotion and worship for celestial love and earthly desire into a cohesive understanding and embrace.


The emergence of Eros, from the dark abyss and womb of the divine feminine is the symbol for man’s ability to unite the energy of feminine goddess and the manifestation of masculine embodiment (consciousness). The divine feminine and divine masculine archetypes are shared throughout our collective human culture in various ways. Osiris and Isis (Auset), the Sun and Moon, and other examples are explored in the text. The unification of polar charges is the essence of creation. Eros represents the chance for the human to be graced with the light of consciousness and be kept in tune with the rapture and ecstasy of life, unifying the interplay of polar charges and dual currents that keep this romance and electric life-force alive.

When we fall in love with another, the love dawns upon us like the golden sun, yet as the nature of things progress, the sun sets, our burst of love crumbles into the horizon. What can we learn from this?

In the darkness, the evening star emerges, and nighttime crawls around us. We are faced with the Self, and the potential for a deeper love, of being love, of embodying love itself and allowing ourselves to be indulgent upon the endless abundance as Children of Venus, of Earth, of Love and desire. We become Eros, who gains insight upon the true nature of love. In fulfilling the satisfaction of yearning for union (marriage) of polar extremes of masculine and feminine within ourselves, we, as Eros who has now gained insight upon the true nature of love, find equanimity and peace. The cathartic journey is composed into three poetry collections, Child of Venus, Throne of Eros, and Wrath of Aphrodite.


Child of Venus 




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Wrath of Aphrodite 




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The inspiration for the poems in this collection of writing is birthed from my love of love, my desire for desire, my dance with romance and my endless focus upon beauty. I am a Child of Venus, sitting on the Throne of Eros, and scorned by the Wrath of Aphrodite, a strong devotee to the feminine divine in my masculine form. Through my own excursions into the journeys across the seas of emotion, I have drowned and swam, died and emerged, and have come to accept the boundless awe and rapture of Beauty, of Venus, of Isis, Aphrodite, the Divine Goddess, and accept that my intimate connection with Her unifies my inner polarity, and I embody the electric charges that surge through my spine and pulsate my cells. The discovery and progressive intimacy with divine feminine allows me to explore my own unfolding further, obtaining more of my own wisdom for my own inner feminine, my inner masculine, my inner Spirit that is one with the Divine and exists before the split, dichotomy, duality and polarity of opposing or contrasting charges.


Unification within self

Brings upon freedom from all else,

And the unfolding of our layers

Are limitless answers to our prayers.


Life isn’t about seeking,

But about further becoming more intimate with experiencing and knowing,

With feeling and growing

Into the Oneness

That we each are,

That we all are.


I owe my creative urges and uncontrollable surges of expressive energy to that of Venus, and have deep respect and love for the beauty and artistic expression that is the sound of Her song, the scent of Her skin, the glisten in Her eyes, the nature of Her being.

My own journey unfolds, and Venus lovingly implores me to share, share, share, and bare all.


Herein, you have a collection of poems that each vibrate with this specific energy and have been strung together to share this message, of Love, of Beauty, of Sensual Bliss and Ecstasy.

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*artwork for Throne of Eros by Anthony Gonzalez

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