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Upheld because my love bites,

Untold until this tale takes flight,

Unfold the trail on a Serpent’s might,

Show me the darkness of night,

Let the contrast bring me light.

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Left-Writes is composed of five separate poetry book collections, Book Hungers, The Great Malefic, The Echo of Narcissus, Rise on Scorpio, and Labyrinth of Lilith. Through the play of linguistics, concept & symbolism, Left-Writes is an imaginative transcription of a dualistic and reflective journey within the Left-Hand Path. Left-Writes also includes a Forward by Mikal about the “Left-Hand Path“.

Book Hungers’,

Available on Amazon (paperback), Kindle, and Smashwords

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The Great Malefic’,

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The Echo of Narcissus’,

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Rise on Scorpio’, and

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Labyrinth of Lilith’.

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In the ancient spiritual schools of Indian Tantra, it was acknowledged that there were different approaches to evolving the soul and the self. One was called “Dakshinachara”, which was the “right hand path” or the “white” path, white magic, white tantra. The other was called “Vamachara” which is the left hand path, or left hand way, also called black tantra. These Sanskrit words and concepts indicate a crucial composition of the human mind


As we are able to compare and perceive contrast over things not wanted and things wanted, we create the dichotomy of different and distinct “paths” for which we can follow, or use to lead us. The most critical distinction between the left and right paths are that the right hand path brings the adept into a set of order, subject to a set of laws, and experiences “someone above him”, no matter how far one evolves in their spiritual development. The left hand path is connected to ultimate spiritual freedom, liberation, self-sovereign reign, and the becoming of a “Chakravartin” which means world-ruler, or “ideal-universal leader.”


In the right hand path, the “someone above him” refers to being orthodox in one’s lifestyle and spiritual development, keeping in line with culture and social standards that govern an individual, a society, or members of a community. This is the critical distinction between the two approaches, as the left hand path requires some sort of unorthodox behavior, lifestyle and mentality that challenges society and social standards. The nature of utilizing the energy of “taboo” invokes even more liberation in “left hand path acts” when the individual breaks free from the very limited ways of collective beliefs that orchestrate societal code.


With the association of the left hand path being taboo, and the stress and intense discomfort by those who cannot comprehend what it means to take the liberty to live one’s own true will (a form of freedom in willpower, spirituality and psychological exploration), the left hand path has been demonized and categorized with anything viewed as chaotic, “evil”, “black” or “bad”, thus pushing further the concept of duality (polarity) and creating a judgmental separation (Heaven & Hell). In the seeking of self-rule and taking one’s own authoritative guidance in life and spirit, much resistance has been met in human history by groups and organizations whom attempt to set up a spiritual formula and structure in which people devote themselves to. Particularly in Europe and with Christianity, where one must “follow”, the left-hand path was blatantly demonized and all associations with the behavior became “evil”. We see the workings which require one to attend a service where they are coaxed by guilt and shame to deny thyself of natural human impulses and workings of the psyche (demonizing human nature instead of understanding it) and use another human as a connection to the divine. This system, as a potentially psychologically binding manipulation of the right hand path, takes away the power from inside of the individual, who becomes addicted to separation, duality, and is disconnected from their whole self, locked in chains, but angered by restriction.


The left hand path devotes itself to the true human nature, which includes the delving deep into the deeper aspects of the self, and exploring life through one’s desires, and gaining the understanding of responsibility in that freedom.

It does include the potential chaos which is part of the freedom of willpower and natural expression and exploration of consciousness. However such is the nature of life, and with freedom comes responsibility for one’s actions and choices. As we explore our freedom, we have the opportunity to learn to lead for ourselves from a place of internal guidance, instead of external code. In this view, the left hand path is destructive and creative through exploring the true depths of the human soul and psyche, and while quite dangerous, reaps more rewards and benefits, ultimately bringing the highest goal in mind, utmost liberation through a deeper exploration of the Self.



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