Where we spend our attention and money is where the power goes.

Conscious consumption is a term with high value, but limited implementation. We are so high on the drug of consuming, but passively take part in the actions of it….unconscious consumption has become the social norm, and along with it, our subconscious scrambles to control minute things, like an instagram filter, an outfit, how people see us, how much people will like us. Our ever-growing need (addiction) for social validation has crippled the power in independent thought. The contagious nature of a sheep-mentality has spread into the ironic truth that we obsess over lies, we value things with no value, and we chase shadows while we wonder why we’re left feeling empty. It has become cool to idolize people who are paid to influence you, of whom are influenced by a paycheck. We have become worshippers of salesmen, obeying the endorsers, and because we have put value in an empty dollar, we have forgotten the value in what it means to have Heart in what we do, in what we believe in, in independently thinking. It is now cool to stand up for rights, but to not actually live them for ourselves. It is this same dissociation that we see when people travel the world in a virtual reality, but having disdain for world knowledge or experience (culture), the same psychotic nature of masturbating to videos, but lacking human touch (human connection).

Yet, with the underlying principal of energy, “where we spend our attention and money is where the power goes”, and we are feeding too much nonsense, and starving our hearts and minds for authenticity.

Our lives are propagated and defined by the flow of energy into our experience (personal reality), and out of our experience (chosen reality).

We must be conscious of what we let into our lives, and how we expend our energy.

Conscious consumption is paired with conscious creation. 

to join the two

is the ultimate